The Bushcraft Basics

Bushcraft can refer to very many things depending on what you want to refer to. It may mean wild camping to some people using things found in the wilderness, to others it may simply refer to lighting a fire using a fire steel.

Bushcraft can be defined as a form of craft to survive in a raw environment like a desert or a forest where surviving capacity and perseverance will help you. it is just like living some centuries back and making use of the limited resources available to help you survive.

Bushcraft is made up of:

Learning the environment This is the study of plant and wildlife behavior. It is all about adapting to the natural surroundings. It is very important to understand the actions and reactions of animals in the bush.

To help you survive, it is very important to know the trees and plants in your surroundings. Knowing how to use the different plants for different situations will help you blend in with the new environment.


Hunting is very important as it helps you find food in the bush. It involves tracking and fishing. Tracking will help you follow and find the foot tracks of the animals and how you can get them for food. It will also help you avoid ferocious animals in the bush.

Fire craft

Fire can serve very many purposes. It provides you safety from animals, and can also help you prepare your food. The bush may be very cold at times and fire will help by providing warmth and comfort. Because you need to cook food, fire will help you cook and preserve very many items. It will also create smoke signals when you need to be rescued and sterilize wounds.


One of the most important aspects of bushcraft is erecting a shelter. A shelter is very important as it protects you from natural damages or animals. Therefore, you need to have some knowledge of how you can construct your shelter.

Rope making

When dealing with natural environments, twining ropes together is a very important skill you need to learn. Rope twine making has very many mechanical uses, including knots, carrying, making pulleys etc.

You have to know how to join poles or sticks by lashing. To do all these, you need to know how to look for materials you can use to make a rope. You can find materials anywhere as you can use animal hair, barks, vines grasses or even palms. You can use any material as long as it is fibrous. It should have enough length, should be moderate and should also have moderate strength.

Some of the tools which can help you manage in the forest include cooking tools like bonfire pots, bungee, carving tools, cutting tools like knives and axes and bonfire tools. The idea behind bushcraft is to use the available resources to the maximum.

However, this needs some prior knowledge to help you know how you can take advantage of any available items. Bushcraft will not only help you to to survive, but also help you help find inner harmony with the environment.